Eduuni collaboration services

Eduuni is a service environment for electronic work and networking provided by CSC – IT Center for Science. Eduuni enables flexible and secure collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Eduuni’s goal is to productise the best collaboration tools on the market into one easy-to-use, ever-evolving set of services.

At the core of Eduuni is Eduuni-ID Identity and Access Management, which is based on using an email address as a person’s identity.

Eduuni is developed based on the needs of CSC owners by introducing new services and integrating the organizations’ own services with Eduuni-ID identity and access management.

Eduuni Services are used over the Internet and are provided as independently as possible from the operating system, browser and office software. Eduuni Services will also be provided in three languages ​​wherever possible: Finnish, Swedish and English.

All Eduuni Services are located at CSC’s data center in Finland.

How do I make Eduuni available to my organization, network, project, or team?