Eduuni’s customers can be universities, polytechnics, government agencies and public bodies within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education and Culture or networks in the field of education, science and culture.

Customer relationships are divided into network and organisational customers, which have different management models with customer service and pricing. Cost based pricing and in-house principle are applied to procurement of the Eduuni Services.


Organisational customer can be for example an organisation, department, unit or institute. Organisational customers use Eduuni Services as SaaS. The organisation designates administrative users who will manage the sites created in Eduuni. The organisation’s appointed Eduuni-administrators can create sites freely according to their needs. Administrative users also have the responsibility to coordinate the use of the organisation’s sites.

Networks, projects, workgroups etc.

Network customer can be for example network, a project, a workgroup or alike. Eduuni is responsible for the creation of sites, helps building necessary functionalities and support for the network’s owner. Network customers get Eduuni-administration service included but the customer owns and is responsible for all the content.

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