What is Eduuni?

Eduuni is a collaboration service environment for flexible and secure collaboration across organisation and ecosystem boundaries.

Eduuni services are provided by:



Eduuni’s flexibility is based on the identity management solution where a user’s work email address is registered and confirmed as a user’s identity (Eduuni-ID). The sign in method can be chosen by the user.

Trusted sign in methods are:

  • The organisation’s own credentials, if the organisation is a Haka or Virtu or eduGAIN identity federation member or if the organisation is using Microsoft Office 365 (Azure AD) services
  • ORCID, B2ACCESS, MPASS – credentials
  • Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter or Yahoo! – credentials


Signing up Eduuni-ID gives you access to the material that organisations, networks, projects and teams have shared in Eduuni services. Eduuni’s internal services are:

  • Eduuni-ID identity and Access management
  • Eduuni-workspaces (SharePoint)
  • Eduuni-wiki (Confluence)
  • Eduuni-jira (JIRA Agile)

It is also possible to use Eduuni-ID identity and access management for organisations own services. This enables the flexibility of Eduuni for customer’s own services as well.

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Eduuni service environment is maintained by state security regulation increased level (Vahti 2/2010), which is ensured with regular audits by CSC and external auditor. On these basis Eduuni service environment can be used for the material that is in protection level IV (Restricted).

Eduuni services are located in CSC’s datacenter in Finland.

How can I get Eduuni for my organisation, network, porject or team?

You only need to fill in an e-form in customers site.